Simple Shapes, Negative Spaces and Outlines

Our first submission from the Tatting Designer’s Class is from Ninetta Caruso.   You can view larger images of the photos on her individual page.

“triangles…not exactly” was my first drawing done with Inkscape from scratch. I’ve used DPSE for 3 years, and followed a course taught by Sharon Briggs. And I worked with computers for 20 years till 2009 (then I’m at home – taking care of my family -). So consider that I’ve already drawn using a sw tool.

The starting spark was in April, when Sue (Susan Fuller, Instructor) talked about simple shapes, negative spaces and “outlines”… I came out in May with “triangles…not exactly”, which was like triangular in the drawing, but resulted rounded in tatting. During a next lesson, all people in gave me hints and Sue introduced the concept of “closure”, that is our brain tends to imagine and complete an unfinished or irregular piece. Then Sue mentioned also a “color factor” …
All things together led to the second picture which shows 2 other motifs I came to, “triangles’ variations” where the last one looked more like a row of triangles!
I’ve another photo, “lesson+clones”, that is an Inkscape shot, done on june 19th, which is the triangle drawing modified with the Inkscape facility “Create Tiled Clones”, the teacher was Gina. Unfortunately, that remained a project, I haven’t tatted it yet.

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