Regular Homework Photos from 2012-2013 Season

Click on the link below for photos from the Advanced Class,  (listed by date the pattern was presented)


2012-09-12  Tina Frauberger Motif # 40

2012-10-02 Nina Libin’s Blue Snowflake

2012-10-08 Tina Frauberger “Round Star

2012-10-15 Tina Frauberger Triangular Figure 64

2012-10-29 Celtic Tatting

2012-11-19 Homework from Extra Patterns Shared in Class

2012-11-26 Tina Frauberger Motif # 48 & 49


 2013-01-21 Cluny and Celtic Hearts

2013-02-04 Super Bowl Snowflake and Heart

2013-02-18 – Petal Dancer

2013-02-25 Special ANKARS Classes

2013-03-04 Vintage Lace and Frauberger Motif

2013-03-04 Easter Bunny by Ruth Perry

2013-03-11 More ANKARS Homework

2013-03-18 Snowflake, Edging and Yoke

2013-03-27 Still More ANKARS Homework

2013-04-01 Emmauel Bocher Book Tranlated

2013-04-15 Dagmar’s 7 Point Flake

2013-04-29 Sonnenschein




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