2012-11-19 Homework from Extra Patterns Shared in Class

JiHyun decided to try two different methods of tatting with one of the Emmy Lieber motifs.  Here are her samples and comments:

In class, I learned to create a trefoil that joined to another ring’s base.
Georgia showed another version of clover which used SCMR, Emmy Lieber Book 1 fig.43.
I thought that I could tat this using encapsulation.
So, I tatted this edging in two way.
The first, I tatted with SCMR.

tatted by Lim JiHyun

This shows rings and clovers are same color.

Another is using encapsulation. I can see chains and clovers are the same color in this way.

tatted by Lim JiHyun

The SCMR one is more neat, because it has one core thread inside of the ring.
And the other is a little thicker, but the three colors are more distinguished.

If using three shuttles with encapsulation, I think I can get a more colorful edging.

* * * * * * *

Here’s a sample of Tatted Earring #7 that Georgia shared with us during the eye candy time.

It is worked in rayon quilting thread. I’m not sure, but I think I will rework this using a brown thread for the 5 rings at the base and Jane’s HWT method of combining threads to have the chains in something blingy.


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