2012-11-26 Tina Frauberger Motif # 48 & 49

* * * * * * *

Tatted by Maria Alcantara

I tatted by applying the CTM method….you can see where I made a split ring to get to the 2nd round…. The picture is not the best but when I reduced the size it got out of focus, sorry!

* * * * ** *

Our first tatting from the 11-26 class actually arrived before the class was held!  This is Frances Burgess work on Motif # 49.

I used the instructions and stitch count in the original German as I find them quite easy to follow having learned a bit of German at school. It is tatted in Puppets Eldorado Multicolour Crochet Cotton Tkt No.6 Peach 32.


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