Noll, Chris

Tatting by Chris Noll

Despite Cyn’s many efforts, I was not able to get the hang of the cluny loom.  : \   However, I watched a few videos on YouTube and read a tutorial posted on Pinterest of people who used their fingers as the loom for clunys.  The first few attempts at clunys I used Mimi Dillman’s method.  I was able to create a cluny on the first try (sample 1- rings at both ends).  After more practice I thought I might try to make something.

I found the attached motif tatted by Sue Hanson on Pinterest.

Pattern by Sue Hanson  used for illustrative purposes only

Pattern by Sue Hanson
used for illustrative purposes only

I started tatting it but made mistake  #1, joining to the wrong ring after tatting the first chain.  Also, while I can use my hand as a loom to create a cluny, holding your hand like a claw to do so is a little intense on the hand muscles.  : o

I made another attempt at using the cluny loom from class.  I was able to make the cluny on the loom but not knowing how to hold it and use it at the same time, I made mistake #2.  Mistake 2 is not getting the beginning part of the weaving next to the ring in the pattern; therefore, I have some extra loops where the last cluny meets the ring. It’s hard to see in the photo but it’s the cluny with the threads attached.  I’m getting more comfortable using my left hand as the loom, I’ve tried the way Karen Cabrera wraps the thread around her hand and this technique is working for me.

I love this pattern and I think it’s within my capabilities but I still have some trouble understanding patterns. I’m starting over again with this pattern.  If you see more mistakes that I missed let me know.  I’ll keep working on it… I know things will fall in place.

Cluny Tatting

Cluny Tatting

Thanks again for encouraging me to take the class, who knew I could learn to make a cluny?


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