Homework submitted 3-2-2016

Much of today’s post are pictures of tatting that was inspired through classes. Not necessarily what we intended to discuss, but valuable learning just the same. First up is Karl’s Angel:

Angel inspired by several found on the Internet

Angel by Karl G. Siewert

Karl is just starting out on his tatting adventure learning needle techniques.

Next, we have 4 collections of tatting by Tamie. Not all of the pieces are strictly following a pattern, but many are from respected designers. If anyone recognizes a pattern, please leave a comment and the post will be corrected within 3 days. Thank you!

Tamie Ankars

bracelets by Tatiana

She used Lizbeth for the top bracelet and Tuff Cord for the lower one.

Beaded Flower by Corina Meyfeldt

Beaded Flower by Corina Meyfeldt

Again, she contrasted Lizbeth size 20 with D-lon Tex 135 light cord.

This collection used DMC 80, Tuff cord, and Lizbeth size 20:

jewelry collection contrasting threads

jewelry collection contrasting threads

Rosemarie Peel’s Valentine Heart appears on the left of that picture.

camera bag decorated with doodahs and butterfly

camera bag decorated using Lizbeth size 40 color 169 and Lizbeth size 20 colors 603 & 696

The repurposed camera bag makes a wonderful tatting bag!

Finally, we have a collection of hearts tatted by Muskaan:

Heart's Desire by Susan Fuller

Heart’s Desire by Susan Fuller

Kiss Curl Heart by  Nicola Bowersox

Kiss Curl Heart by Nicola Bowersox

Hearts of Hope by Anne Bruvold

Hearts of Hope by Anne Bruvold

Wonderful work!
See you in class!