Palmettos Tat Days 2018 Scholarship Fundraiser


We have a quilt in process for this year!

Please email Georgia if interested in helping decorate and sew the quilt. More information will appear soon.


Also, there’s a new way to donate to the  2017 Tatting Scholarship

The Online Tatting Class has 3 channels on you tube:

1.Beginning Shuttle Tatting: 2.Beginning Needle Tatting: 3.Advanced Tatting:

How it works?

1. Each channel begins with a video, approx. 2 mins. If you let it run, then we get a good donation. It is possible to close the ad box and the video will still play.

2. Ads at the bottom of the screen generate a very tiny donation, maybe 70 cents a month but every little bit helps.

3. Youtube pages will continue to play ads whether or not we get a donation from them.

4. Actually watching the ads are optional.

Funds will be collected in the usual way and held for distribution to applicants in 2017.

Thanks for your help.