Palmettos Tat Days 2017 Scholarship Fundraiser

Gift Basket projects:

Prepare items to donate for sale to fund the 2017 tatting scholarship. These gift baskets need tatting supplies, items to add tatting to, and of course tatting! Photos will be posted soon. As always, if you want to volunteer to tat but do not want to sew or prepare a basket, all donations are most welcome. Just mail them to Georgia by the end of June. One of her baskets has a lavender theme and she would welcome flowers or a bookmark. Another basket is larger. It is a crazy quilt theme. She has included a crazy quilt book, two stacks of pre-cut fabric and a bundle of odds and ends. Everything is welcome. All baskets will have a shuttle or needle, and thread included plus a how to tat leaflet. And suggestions for items to include are welcome also. Please email her at the address on the About page.

Thank you for helping a tatter to attend Tat Days!


Also, there’s a new way to donate to the  2017 Tatting Scholarship

The Online Tatting Class has 3 channels on you tube:

1.Beginning Shuttle Tatting: 2.Beginning Needle Tatting: 3.Advanced Tatting:

How it works?

1. Each channel begins with a video, approx. 2 mins. If you let it run, then we get a good donation. It is possible to close the ad box and the video will still play.

2. Ads at the bottom of the screen generate a very tiny donation, maybe 70 cents a month but every little bit helps.

3. Youtube pages will continue to play ads whether or not we get a donation from them.

4. Actually watching the ads are optional.

Funds will be collected in the usual way and held for distribution to applicants in 2017.

Thanks for your help.