Homework submitted 10-29-2021

Students are continuing to retat and perfect their techniques. Today, we’ll look at more Sand Dollar pendants and earrings adapted by Kendra Goodnow:

Tatted by Jackie in Eliza size 5 thread with size 5 needle

We have several centers of Threads that Bind designed by Jon Yusoff:

Adding beads to tatting is fun!

This pattern is Beginner Doily designed by HarolahHala:

Deb Cox is practicing picots:

Classes resume next week. If you have registered in the past, you will receive a message with details. If you wish to register, please follow the instructions on the About page.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-27-2021

<My apology for this appearing a day late>

Picots have been on tatters’ minds lately. Here are two studies:

Several students retatted the Sand Dollar Pendant and Earrings adapted by Kendra Goodnow:

DianeR tatted Joanna designed by Laura Bziukiewicz:

She also tatted the heart designed by Mrs. J. M. Blackman adapted by Barbara Foster:

Alison is working on the Beginner Doily designed by HarolahHala:

Classes will resume next week. See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-25-2021

It’s so much fun to see what shuttle and needle are creating!

DianeR’s kit ready to make lace

These are so inspiring! Classes are on break this week. We’ll resume next week.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-22-2021

Everybody loves tatting hearts! Here’s a few:

Students are encouraged to tat patterns a second time expanding their experience in thread or technique.

picot study
center of Beginner Doily designed by HarolahHala tatted by Kaylyn
Threads that Bind designed by Jon Yusoff tatted to round 4 by JoAnne

I look forward to seeing what the students will tat during our “off” week. Enjoy the break!

Homework submitted 10-20-2021

The benefit of sitting in on a class is that you can gain insight and learn from other students. That’s the whole reason we post these photos. I encourage you to look over the photos in previous posts. Make a note of patterns or techniques you’re drawn to. The teachers are volunteering their time to help you learn. Oh, and they learn from you too!

Pattern rewrite and sample from Pnina M.
Detail of Joanna designed by Laura Bziukiewicz tatted by Pnina M.

Here’s teaser of a pattern we’ll be looking at:

Beginner Doily designed b HarolahHala tatted by Mary Jane B.

We look forward to seeing what lace you make! See you in class!!

Homework submitted 10-18-2021

Students have been practicing techniques between classes:

Thank you Corina Meyfeldt for your lovely patterns that test our beading skill!

Several students tatted the vintage pattern from Priscilla magazine c. 1917:

MJ has tatted Round 4 of the challenge pattern:

Threads That Bind designed by Jon Yusoff

As Holidays come around, we look forward to seeing what the class discusses and what students tat.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-15-2021

We’re catching up with a back log (I blame my computer eating a post during an update….ahem!)

Tatiana sent in these two photos:

Tasneem has been practicing techniques:

The red lines mark a picot where she did not apply the tip of the shuttle.

Jasmine has been honing technique while exploring classic patterns:

We have several versions of Tatted Stud designed by Corina Meyfeldt:

Mary Ann P tatted a lovely set:

Sand Dollar pendant & earrings adapted by Kendra Goodnow

The Mystery has been solved!!!

We’ll be looking at more techniques in future classes. See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-12-2021

We’re playing with beads now!

We have quite a few pictures of Joanna designed by Laura Bziukiewicz:

The Mystery doilies will not be a mystery soon. In the meantime, we celebrate these:

Here are pictures of exercises the students work through:

More technique pictures have come in:

Katia also send in her photo of Sand Dollar pendant and earrings adapted by Kendra Goodnow:

This wonderful pattern of a Tatted Stud by Corina Meyfeldt looks fabulous:

To close today, we have a picot study sample:

We’ll continue to explore adding beads.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-8-2021

Today we start with technique photos:

Arlene M sent in these photos of her shuttle ready to tat and bead placements on a ring:

The Mystery pattern row 3 has now been discussed. Here are the samples we have so far:

We have more pictures of the Sand Dollar Pendant pattern adapted by Kendra Goodnow:

The classes visited designs by a favorite designer, Corina Meyfeldt:

More versions of Joanna designed by Laura Bziukiewicz have arrived:

To stoke your creative juices, Tuija has turned this Tea Towel Edging adapted by Kendra Goodnow into a small mat:

Next week will bring more of the Mystery Doily along with technique discussions.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-6-2021

Yes, it’s possible to teach yourself tatting (I did many, many years ago), but it’s fun to gather as a group and learn from each other! I’ve enjoyed seeing what tatters pack into their bag. Here’s Natalie Rogers’ bag:

Current contents of my tatting travel bag: deck of Tat Your Own Adventure cards, in-progress tatting design, recently completed online tatting class homework, Robin Perfetti’s snowflakes [Four Dozen Tatted Snowflakes], Karen Bovard’s M, I, and K [Block Alphabet in Split Ring Tatting], Patrizia Pirocca’s angel, needle minder from Gina’s Unique Boutique holding crochet hook, scissors, needles, floss threader, Clover bobbin shuttles and bobbins, Lizbeth thread (size 20), ballerinas designed by me, and my bag from Handy Hands.

More Sand Dollar Pendants and earrings have come in:

The mystery is growing….

Next, we look at snapshots of technique practice:

Thank you Kaylyn for recognizing this pattern in the Mystery.

Joanna designed by Laura Bziukiewicz

See you in class!