Tatting submitted 10-12-2018

MJ found a wonderful bottle cap for this Ice Drop:

Silver Crowns Ice Drop by Diane Cademartori

This was tatted in size 20 thread.

See you in class!


Tatting submitted 10-10-2018

MJ found a special bottle cap to tat around:

Silver Crowns Ice Drop by Diane Cademartori

Who else is addicted to this pattern?

See you in class!

Class Material 10-7-2018

Part 2: Dagmar Pezzuto’s tatted interpretation of a fan with cluny flowers and hummingbird.
Last week we studied the tatting of the bird up to the attachment of the wings which will continue today. Our study of the cluny flower needed more information so Dagmar has provided a step by step photo tutorial an the tatting of it.
Dagmar’s Fan Cluny Flower Tutorial

detail from Dagmar cluny tutorial

For a picture of the hummingbird, please see last week’s post

See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-3-2018

Denise sent in this photo of her necklace:

Floating Heart by Nina Libin

Nicely tatted!
See you in class!

Class Material 10-1-2018

Dagmar completed another challenge piece! Earlier this year, Gerogia discovered a crocheted fan with a bird photo online and wondered if it could be recreated in tatting? Dagmar made it so!
Dagmar Pezzuto’s tatted interpretation of a fan with Cluny flowers and hummingbird.

the cluny flower by Dagmar Pezzuto in the fan/bird pattern

For review: Cluny info

See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-1-2018

Michelle M. needle tatted an example of the pattern we explored last week:

Floating Heart by Nina Libin

She plan to stiffen it and use it as an ornament.

Usha created a lovely necklace:

Usha Floating Heart

Floating Heart by Nina Libin

Wonderful colors! Thank you!

See you in class!

Homework submitted 9-26-2018

New class member Denise has mastered this lovely pattern:

Awareness Ribbon by Lenore English

She is currently working on Nina’s Floating Heart pattern.

The design class looked at Denise’s and Harolah’s bookmarks yesterday:

Simplicity by Harolah

More information on this pattern is available here: https://www.facebook.com/The-Shade-Tree-Designer-Tatting-169640483630604/

Anyone else have a picture of their tatting to post?

See you in class!

Class Material 9-24-2018

We begin this semester with a vibrant piece of tatted jewelry from Nina Libin. She shares her Floating Heart necklace https://www.georgiaseitz.com/2018/patterns/ninafloatingheartnecklace.

Floating Heart by Nina Libin

This uses the most delicate of metallic threads and finely made beads so tiny that they could almost float away!
Does that sound scary? Well, it used to scare me! But after working Nina’s pattern as taught by Stephanie Wilson at PTG Tat Days, I fear no more!
The first thing to do is select the thread and beads you are going to use. Yes, it is ok to use regular thread and beads to work a sample and boost your confidence. But don’t be afraid to use the right stuff as soon as possible.
String the beads on both shuttles as directed. For needle tatters string part of the beads on the ball thread, the others will go directly on the needle as you work. Study the terms in the pattern until you understand up and down beads.
Bring your questions to class or email me in advance, please.
Please review:
For the new tatters, even though you are in the beginners class you are welcome to sit in on all classes.

Tatting submitted 9-24-2018

Margaret starts us off this week with her bookmark:

Bookmark by Monica Hahn

See you in class!

Tatting submitted 9-21-2018

Pictures of summertime tatting are starting to roll in. Sarah P. sent us her collection:

collections of bookmarks tatted by Sarah P.

She used these designs to study and practise joins:

Spiral 2 color bookmark by Gina Brummet based on a vintage pattern edited by Rita Weiss

Jane’s Bookmark by Jane Eborall

bookmark by Sarah P.

vintage Bookmark from Handy Hands newsletter

She also writes:

I practiced various ways to keep the split rings in the tail up tight to each other.  First I tried different ways of posting the shuttles:  Ring shuttle posted down and unflipped stitch shuttle posted up, both ring and unflipped stitch shuttles posted down, and posting only the ring shuttle.  Finally I decided to post the ring shuttle only and also start each side of the ring with an “opposite” DS.  This seemed to yield the best result. Thread used is Size 40 and 20 Lizbeth. I had a difficult time remembering how to alternate the colors for the spiral.  I assiduously followed the directions for the original one, which turned out well, but then I tried just looking at the bookmark.  That didn’t work as well!  So part of the learning is not being stubborn and *reading the pattern!*

Send your pictures to the submission address along with any comments to be posted. See you in class!