Tatting submitted 9-8-2017

Class starts in a few short weeks. Usha has been busy coming up with more Dot Picot creations, this time on strings or chains:

Dot Picot Trio by Usha Shah

Motif by Usha Shah

Such a delecate small motif! Thank you!

See you in class!


Tatting submitted 9-1-2017

Usha has been busy trying out new uses for Dot Picot techniques:

Star Motif and Chain using Dot Picots by Usha Shah

These look fabulous! I can see many uses for this techniques. What will fall off of your shuttle or needle????

Class resume soon…..

See you in class!

Homework submitted 8-23-2017

MJ Acorn

Acorn by Leanne Boyd

It may be the middle of summer season here in the Northern Hemisphere, but the Beginner class is looking to Fall! They discussed this Acorn pattern last week.

Thank you MJ for sharing your picture. I’m sure there will be more dropping in.

Muskaan also shares her update of Vintage edging patterns from Needleart 1921

Thank you to both tatters for inspiring us all!

See you in class!

Tatting submitted 8-18-2017

We welcome a newcomer to our corner of TatLand:

Butterflies are Free by Cynthia Stevenson

Marion Bowen tatted this up after a Beginner Special Event session. Well done! For more information on how to join in on the class fun, please visit the About page of this blog. We look forward to more thread flitting into our mailbox.

See you in class!

Tatting submitted 8-16-2017

Usha shares another wonderful example of old made new.

Boutonniere by Usha

She took a favorite antique pattern and updated it! She writes, “I was impressed by the frilly look of this button pattern.¬†Converted all picots by dot picots and it got totally different look.”

I like it!

If you have discovered something cherished and updated it in your tatting time, send a picture in. I’ll post it with an explanation of your creative inspiration.

Keep an eye out for announcements of our fall class lineup. September is just around the corner!
See you in class!

Tatting submitted 8-15-2017

A bit of a twist on a favorite phrase. Muskaan has been sorting out her pictures of tatting and shares these with us:

Daisy Picot Star by Jon Yusoff

Dot Picot Bouquet and Dot Picot Leaves by Usha Shah and Muskaan

Muskaan writes, “Dot Picot Bouquet made with Usha Shah’s Exotic Pollen and some of my dot picot leaves to accompany them.”

Dreamcatcher by Usha Shah

Muskaan took Usha’s wonderful square pattern and adapted it to tat up a cross.

Enchanting Square by Usha Shah

Rakhi 2017 by Muskaan

Muskaan discovered these Hearts by Nicola Bowersox. She tried needle tatting a few and the online class really ehlped when she got stuck!

Our classes will begin again soon. September is always a good time to pick up your shuttles and try something new.

See you in class!


Tatting submitted 8-1-2017

As many in the US prepare their Fair entries, Muskaan has sent in samples of her summer tatting:

Star #2 and Star #4 from Bloomqvist and Persson

dot picot leaf veins how to

Dot Picot Leaf by Muskaan

Luster Snowflake by Mark Myers

Split Chain Doily by Linda Davies

Thank you for the inspiration! I encourage all to send in photos of their summer tatting to the submission email address on the About page!

Stay tuned for information on our fall classes. See you in class!

Tatting Submitted for Summer inspiration

I apologize for this post being so tardy. My plans for posting while on vacation and away from my computer evaporated. Like the water in the desert I was visiting, the posts just kept disappearing! I am back home now. The ocean breeze feels wonderful!

Amirtha sent a picture of an elegant necklace:

Necklace by Amritha Prabhu

Muskaan has been organizing her stash:

Star 1 by Blomqvist & Persson

Chinese Coin Bookmark by Jon Yusoff with tail added by Muskaan

Collage including Bluebird by Nellie Hall Youngburg & Together We Fly Butterfly with ed. by Claudia Huber

Super 17 Butterfly & Hibiscus by Muskaan

And Margaret has tatted a lovely finger rosary:

Finger Rosary by Margaret Boos

She used Altin Basak # 50 in variegated green with white and yellow. This thread is from Turkey.

Thank you to all who have snapped pictures of their clearing up! Summertime is a great time to catch up on all the organizing. Maybe even start tatting that long list of Christmas and Holiday tatting!

Fundraising request for Scholarship to Tat Days 2017

Georgia has put together a couple of fantastic gift baskets. But…..

She needs more!

She would like items donated, to include baskets, to arrive at her house by the end of June. Here are pictures of her progress:

For more ideas, check out her other baskets:

2017 Palmettos Tat Days Tatting Scholarship Fundraiser

It has only been two days and I miss class already!
Have a great summer!!


Tatting submitted

Sue used bits and pieces to liven up a shirt:

Sue shirt yoke

Sue shirt pocket

motifs for Sue’s shirt

What fun! Embroidered clothing is showing up in the stores. What tatting do you have on clothing?

One more class and then the summer schedule starts. Please mark your calendars! See you in class!