Tatting submitted 3-7-2018

MJ enjoyed tatting these beauties:

Mermaid by Jane Eborall and Brussels square by Cathy De Greef

Cathy has extended the deadline, but it’s still coming fast. Load those shuttles and tat away!
See you in class!


Tatting submitted 2-19-2018

Butterflies are flitting into the mailbox:

Celtic Butterfly by Bianca Senatore

This one is tatted by Wally Sosa.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 2-16-2018

Muskaan has been creating away! She has designed squares for the Brussels’ Monument project  

Tat a Brussels’ Monument square by Cathy de Greef

Classic Square by Muskaan

Heart Square by Muskaan

And to welcome Spring:

Rose Bookmark by Coretta Dee Loughmiller

Cathy de Greef encourages us to design our own square, tat a few, and send to her (by March 1, 2018) for her project. Just a few short days to do so.

Melanie tatted a few of Cathy’s square:

Tat a Brussels’ Monument by Cathy de Greef

But hasn’t had luck in coming up with her own square. She took time to tat a few hearts in response to events of the past week:

Hearts of Hope by Anne Bruvold

What have you been tatting to welcome Spring?

See you in class!


Homework submitted 2-12-2018

Marion is improving with this edging:

Two color edging

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day:

Tatted Heart by Rosemarie Peel

Well done!
See you in class!

Tatting submitted 1-29-2018

Don’t forget class starts up again. New index page:


Usha has finished off the vintage doily with another round using dot picots:

Usha Star rd 3

tatted star adapted by Usha

She writes, “I tried to tat it in one pass but couldn’t climb out after third row. I found the dot picots give ornamental look to the star as compared to normal picots giving much filled look to it.” The filled in look is quite pleasing to my eye.

See you in class!

Class Material 1-29-2018

Happy news: Georgia is feeling better. Join us as we begin the 18th year of classes next Monday, Jan 29, 2018. We will look at Hearts and Flowers by Mary Donohue and Sue Hanson

Tulip by Mary Donahue


Block Tatted Heart by Sue Hanson

Please guard your health and those around you. Even if you’ve had a flu shot, when you’re sick, take care so those who cannot get immunized are safer.

Looking forward to a great year! See you in class!

Tatting submitted 1-19-2018

Usha has added another round to her update of the vintage doily:

Tatted Star adapted by Usha

She worked this beauty using mock rings so she could replace normal picots with dot picots. I agree with her that the beauty of dot picots stands out. She does comment that it takes time to tat and needs effort too. I think it looks well worth the effort.

See you in class!

Tatting submittted 1-15-2018

Usha has been delving into vintage patterns. She sends us this lovely star:

Tatted Star adapted by Usha Shah

She replaced the normal picots with dot picots and used two colors for contrast. It is based on a pattern in Barbour’s Prize Needlework Series #2. We look forward to further rounds as she completes them.

We also look forward to the return of classes. Please take care during this flu season and keep tatting.

See you in class!

Tatting submitted 1-10-2018

Shirley took on Georgia’s challenge of edging:

Edging by Cecilia Vanek

They look lovely on the quilt block!

See you in class!

Tatting submitted 1-8-2018

Welcome Geeta to our corner of tat-land. We post today a motif and dragonfly that were tatted using needle and crochet thread. Nice work!

motif by Geeta

motif tatted by Geeta

dragon fly Geeta

Dragonfly tatted by Geeta

Classes resume soon! Please check with the individual instructors.

See you in class!