We are here to encourage tatters. Our classes meet weekly online (see info below) looking at how to tat patterns. What’s tatting? Making lace with a shuttle or needle and thread. To join any of our classes, email theonlinetattingclass@gmail.com

To submit pictures of your tatting, please send .png or .jpg files to theonlinetattingclass@gmail.com crediting the designer and including any other information of interest. If you are new to posting your work on our pages, please include in your email, your preference for how you wish your name to appear, and the general area of the world you live in.


Our schedule for Monday classes can be found at http://www.georgiaseitz.com

Mondays @7pm EST – Beginner Shuttle
Tuesdays @4pm EST – Intermediate Shuttle
Wednesdays @4pm EST – Advanced Shuttle
Thursdays @4pm EST – Needle (beginner)

Eastern Time is New York, USA

There will be open chat before class with a chance to ask questions.

We have a collection of videos for both needle and shuttle techniques on Youtube. Tamie has created videos for the beginning class. Please follow these links to the channel:
Beginning Shuttle 
Beginning Needle
Advanced techniques
Tat-alongs of Awareness Star of Hope by Kathy Hodge and Tatted Flower Brooch by Linda S Davies.
We work to keep tatting alive!

For information about our classes visit: http://www.georgiaseitz.com . Material for Monday class can be found on that page by clicking on the year index.

Please send corrections of information posted using the submission address. Our hardworking webmaster, Melanie Cervi, makes every effort to keep our blog interesting and accurate.

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