Homework submitted 11-22-2017

Welcome to Elvira Salkeld. She sent in this picture of her bracelet:

Elvira bracelet

Bracelet by Elvira

She writes, “I learned the very basics of needle tatting through this first piece … and transformed it into a bracelet while I was taking a silver jewelry class. I found out I was not fond of metalsmithing, but yarn has always passionate me.”

Melanie tried out Maltilda (one of the patterns from Monday class):

Matilda by Lee Hye-oon

Matilda by Lee Hye-oon

She wanted to use different colors for each section. Grabbing from her stash of leftovers, Round 1 shuttle 1  White  and shuttle 2 Vineyard variegated

Round 2 shuttle 1 Mocha and shuttle 2 Springtime variegated

Not the most pleasing color combinations, but you can follow the path of the thread well. Incidently, the chains in round 1 ended up a set too long. Correctly following the pattern helps it lay flat.

See you in class!


Class Material 11-20-2017

We have a full class line-up today.

Tonya Smith shares a cute pattern which will make a great gift for the holidays, graduations or any happy time.
Tonys’s Tatted Pen Insert

Tonya Smith tatted pen insert


Also let’s review Bev Dillon’s Tatted Coin Bracelet.coin bracelet by Sue Behr, from the files of the Online Tatting Class
This is a perfect pattern for those cabochons that are a bit too small for the Ice drop pattern.
coin bracelet by Sue Behr, from the files of the Online Tatting Class

Two motifs shared by Hye-oon Lee from her new book,

cover Lovely Tatting Doilies Fall and Winte, Hye-oon Lee

Lovely tatting Doilies Fall & winter. Hye-oon Lee http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art

“Hye-oon Lee pink motif bk 2 link for pattern

Hye-oon Lee pink motif bk 2 2017

Come early for this full class of tatting fun!
See you in class!


Homework submitted 11-17-2017

Monday’s class on Onion RIngs and Magic Squares sure was stimulating! Some samples have been floating around. Here’s what Jan submitted for posting:

sample of Onion Ring technique

Thank you for sharing. A reminder for submitting pictures. Please use .png or .jpg format. Your phone or tablet will usually help you out with that. Mail to the gmail address on the about page. Also include any info you think would be of interest as in what thread you use or any tweeks you made to the pattern. Please help us encourage designers to share by crediting their work and helping me spread the word.

If you have pictures of gifts to share, please let me know and I’ll keep as much anonymous as I can. Or, share them after the gift is opened!

See you in class!

Class Material 11-13-2017

Hello Tatters!

Our next lesson is a study in the onion ring technique and its application in tatting design. Robin Perfetti shares her work with us.

Robin Perfetti’s Onion Ring Magic Square Pattern
Robin Perfetti's Onion Ring Magic Square Pattern #1

Square #1

This is a long lesson, please print it off or read through before class.
If you need to review the basic onion ring technique, study these pages:

Class Material 11-6-2017

Let’s Celebrate!

The 18th year of gathering to talk tatting!

And looking forward to giving thanks with family and friends:

Dagmar Pezutto's petite tatted turkey

Dagmar is sharing this wonderful pattern using lots of beads.


What did the turkey say to the farmer’s wife at Thanksgiving? “Wouldn’t you really rather have a pizza?”

Class suggestion 10-30-2017

There will be an informal class today while Georgia is away from her computer. Her suggestion is to have fun with Ruth Perry’s spiders:
Tatted Spider earrings

And read all about this new book:
Tatting Lace Bags by Yoko Hatakeya http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art304721.asp

What is your suggestion for next Monday? We look forward to Georgia’s return next week.

See you in class!

Tatting Submitted 10-27-2017

Look who wandered away from Jean’s tatting bag:

Petal the Pig by Pam Palmer

Thank you for sending this cutie in to be posted.

See you in class!

Class schedule highlights 10-23-2017

Monday class for the next 3 weeks:

October 23, 30 and November 6 will be taking a break.

Please join classmates in the room for informal chat and help on any (tatting) questions that you have.

The Tuesday Designer classes and Thursday Beginner classes will continue as announced.

It’s a great time now to revisit some of the wonderful pattern resources on the class site.

Just use the dedicated search box for a list of wonderful…..

earrings http://www.georgiaseitz.com/2014/20141020moreearringsproject.html

snowflakes….. or butterflies!

Or perhaps you really want to get beady….. http://www.georgiaseitz.com/classes/beads.html

See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-18-2017

Our classes have been inspiring many to decorate with critters. Jean sent this in. It appears in Pam’s book Tatting Treats.

The Tatter of Glouchester by Pam Palmer

And Pam has tatted up a ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness:

Tatted Awareness Ribbon by Lenore English

I can’t wait to see the pumpkins rolling off shuttles and needles!
See you in class!

Class Material 10-16-2017

Tatmom's breast cancer awareness ribbin for Betty
Tatmom Betties-ribbon

Over the past 18 years many tatters and their families have been touched by breast cancer. Awareness ribbons are available for many causes. The color for breast cancer awareness ribbons is pink. Here are a few patterns which we have used over the years. If breast cancer threatens someone close to you, please tat one up and send it to them today. Tat a bunch and share with all.

Breast Cancer Ribbon © Sylvia Maziarz 2007

This stylish ribbon uses the pearl tatting technique in which double stitches and picots are placed on both sides of the core thread. Featured in Mlle’s Riego, “The Pearl Tatting book” 1867, the technique is different from today’s method.pearl or maltese tatting by Mlle Riego's from her 1867 book The Pearl Tatting Book

Originally, pearl tatting was tatted using the ball thread and two shuttles. A chain was begun by tatting the double stitch with the ball thread and shuttle one. Then the worked is rolled in the fingers literally reversing the work. Shuttle one is now held in position as the core thread and shuttle two makes the double stitch. Each set of double stitches required flipping the work back and forth. This works fine, but there is now a simpler method.Modern pearl tatting is also completed with three threads. For Needle tatting, two ball threads for wrapping on each side of the needle and the third thread through the eye of the needle. For Shuttle tatting, one ball thread and two shuttles or three shuttles together may be used.Ball thread and shuttle one (core thread) are engaged to make the first set of double stitches. Next the ball thread is allowed to dangle in back of the work, shuttle one is wrapped and held taut on a finger temporarily to form the double stitches while shuttle two is engaged to flip the ds onto the core thread. This maneuver is not tatting but wrapping (encapsulating.) It causes the double stitches to face the opposite direction, thus creating both double stitches and picots on both side of the core thread.
Ring & Chain Tatted Awareness Ribbon © Lenore English 2001

This petite pink ribbon was created by Lenore English nearly two decades ago. It has been seen in many places and in many colors. Changing the color for awareness for a different cause is fine. There are lists with the awareness color designation online, i.e., danaraejewelry.com/awareness-ribbons-colors.html.

Even a beginning tatter will be able to create this dainty ribbon. It uses the basic techniques, ring, chain, picot, join and reverse work. An alternating ring and chain pattern is tatted and along the way some of the double stitch counts change to help create the curve. Those picots facing inward in the inside of the top curve are decorative and may be left off. The ribbon crosses over itself and may be glued into position. Join us in class for patterns.

See you in class!