More on Josephine Knot or Empress Knot

We had a lively discussion during Monday’s class. Many examples were shared and explored. This example came in to our submission email:

anita-collar anita-detail

Is this an example of Josephine Knots? Comment on this post below and we’ll see what we can discover together.

Next Monday we will discuss pumpkin patterns.

See you in class!

More examples of the Empress Knot

Anita Barry sent in this picture of a piece of lace in her collection:

vintage collar

vintage collar

close up of collar section

close up of collar section

and to analyse the tatting technique, she got in close:



detail of ring from collar

detail of ring from collar

at the microscope level, she discovered that the rings seemed to be tatted using double stitches while the chains seemed to be a mixture of DS and JK.

detail of chain in collar

detail of chain in collar

Still to puzzle out:

Why so loose? Could the tatter be using a Cro-Tat type of tool? A large needle?


Join in the discussion by submitting a comment below or an email to the submission address.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-19-2016

Tatting can become an important part of anyone’s life. Creating lace with thread is a wonderful activity. Donna returned to the patterns used in the Beginning series for this:


Awareness Ribbon by Lenore English

She used shuttle with Lizbeth size 10 thread Purple Iris Fusion. Donna shared that she is planning on making this into a fibromyalgia awareness pin. Even though she has struggled daily for 7 years with this disease, she continues to learn tatting.

See you in class!


Class Material 10-17-2016

This Monday the class will have a discussion of the “Empress Knot.”


Please review your favorite pattern using it and share with the class.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-10-2016

Susan has been working hard on new designs. She shares a picture of a sun worked out for the Design class last spring.


Sun exercise by Susan Gibke

Well done!

See you in class!

Class Material 10-10-2016

This day is known in many countries as “Double 10.” It is considered to be a very lucky day. And it is really lucky for us as Muskaan has prepared a detailed look at the tatted ring.

sample of rings by Muskaan
Muskaan’s Rings Only Tutorial

Please read these pages carefully before class.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 10-7-2016

We welcome a new tatter to our little corner or Tat-land today:

Donna Capps has been working her way through the beginning class patterns:


ring and chain


ring and chain


ring and chain


ring and chain


ring and chain

Well done Donna! We look forward to cheering you on as you tackle Lesson 2.

Claire has been gathering her leaves to show us:

Feuille Frivole by Joelle Paulson

Feuille Frivole by Joelle Paulson

These earrings are tatted in Lizbeth Autumn Spice in size 20.

Maple Leaf by Tammy Rogers

Maple Leaf by Tammy Rogers

She used Penny size 30 for this, but reports she’d rather work with cotton.

Feuille d'erable du Quebec by Joelle Paulson

Feuille d’erable du Quebec by Joelle Paulson

Worked in size 20 Lizbeth in Falling Leaves colorway.

Thank you for this inspiration! Please visit her blog to see more:

Donna reports that her puppy loves to help by giving the lace a good chew. Thank heavens cotton is washable! I know she will tuck her shuttles away, but I also encourage everyone to tuck all thread away. I have sad memories of a kitty who tried to help organize spools of thread. She played and chewed away happily. Unfortunately, when she swallowed the thread, she set in motion a dangerous situation and even an emergency run to the vet couldn’t help. Please guard the life of our furry friends. Clear bits of thread into the trash. Tatting will be enjoyable for all then.
See you in class!

Fundraiser for Scholarship information

The fundraiser for Scholarships to attend Tat Days 2017 has begun!

The 2017 Tatting Scholarship begins with a new way to donate

The Online Tatting Class has 3 channels on you tube:

1.Beginning Shuttle Tatting: 2.Beginning Needle Tatting: 3.Advanced Tatting:

How it works?

1. Each channel begins with a video, approx. 2 mins. If you let it run, then we get a good donation. It is possible to close the ad box and the video will still play.

2. Ads at the bottom of the screen generate a very tiny donation, maybe 70 cents a month but every little bit helps.

3. Youtube pages will continue to play ads whether or not we get a donation from them.

4. Actually watching the ads are optional. Thanks for your help.

Class Material 10-3-2016

It is officially fall in my part of the world. Of course, it may be spring where you are located. And it is possible that you may live in the tropics where the sun shines everyday. But all of us see beauty in the natural world around us. The flower blossom most often takes our eye first, but it is the leaf that frames everything. So let us examine some of the types of different tatted leaves.

tatted oak leaf by Ruth Perry from the files of the Online Tatting Class

Tammy Rodgers’ Maple Leaf Motif

Tatted Leaf Forms

See you in class!

Homework Submitted 9-28-2016

Melanie completed a version of the Daisy Medallion in 2 colors.

Daisy Medallion updated by Ruth Perry

Daisy Medallion updated by Ruth Perry

She was using up thread on shuttles and had forgotten how fuzzy the pink thread becomes as you tat. She tatted the final chain with the pink showing to remind herself the next time!

See you in class!