Homework submitted 4-18-2019

We welcome today Poornima to our corner of Tat Land. She is working through the beginner class material. Here’s two samples:

Poor edge pattern

Border edge pattern

Poor split rings

Split Rings

Both are tatted in Aunt Lydia crochet cotton with shuttle. Well done!

See you in class!


Class Material 4-7-2019

We continue looking at the Coats and Clark vintage publication with these patterns:
the double stitch count for the original motif #433 and 434 in Coats & Clark booklet #138

We have a suggested method of work, but there may be more than one way! Come find out what others come up with.

See you in class!

Homework received 4-5-2019

Tatters have been busy lately:

We welcome Ann S. to our group. She tried her hand at the Mimosa Knot with this sample:

Ann sample

sample Mimosa Knot

We’ll be discussing this technique in a future class. Stay tuned!

Amritha sent us a picture of her colorful design:

Amritha red design

Design idea by Amritha

She is asking for feedback. I think well done!! (Experts welcome, supporting tatting friends required…)

How ’bout a name for this lovely??

And finally, we welcome Susan G. to our class blog. She tatted this edging to practise her lock joins:

Susan lockjoin edging

Nicely tatted!

See you in class!

Homework 4-3-2019

Here’s what Wally created:

Wally Edging Drop back

back view Ice Drop using Edging #436 by Wally Sosa

Wally edging drop front

front view Ice Drop using Edging #436 by Wally Sosa

She writes, “I found that the edging will be perfect for a project I’m planning. I want to make an ice drop curtain for my living room. So this pattern will be the header of the curtain. I worked with thread #10 and the gem is like half inch. So I will try thread size #3 to see if it accommodates a one inch gem, or I’ll add ds to the pattern. ”

We look forward to seeing her finished curtains!
See you in class!

Class Material 3-29-2019

cover of Coats & Clark booklet #138

While many people may be thinking of practical jokes for our next class, we will be revisiting a vintage Coats and Clark publication for a lovely edging. No foolin’ around, this pattern has problems. Come, Monday, April 1, 2019, and help us solve the puzzle.

the original motif #436 and header in Coats & Clark booklet #138

For the suggested method, please follow this link:https://www.georgiaseitz.com/2019/patterns/20190401cnc138pat436edging.html

See you in class!




Class Material 3-22-2019

Conversation has been lively in class with Spring around the corner and now arrived (for those in the Northern Hemisphere). This wonderful pattern comes from the archives of the class material:

tatted bird by Amy Drake 2002 from the files of the Online Tatting Class

You are encouraged to change the color and add beads to create your own version of the feathered friend in your yard.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 3-20-2019

MJ sent us a sample of the tatted Treble Double Stitch (TDS):

TDS sample MJ

TDS sample

Thank you! You encourage us to pick up the thread and try this out!

See you in class!

Monday class Material 3-17-2019

The tatted treble stitch…is it real?
Join us Monday, March 18, 2019 for a more in depth study of the tatted treble stitch as presented by Ninetta Caruso and with photos by Muskaan.

heart using tds by Ninetta Caruso

See you in class!

Homework submitted 3-15-2019

Amritha worked up the snowflake discussed in the Beginner class:

Amritha beaded snowflake

Beaded Snowflake by Sharon Briggs

It looks like a firework! Well done!

See you in class!

Homework submitted 3-6-2019

Melanie is still working on the paperclip pattern we discussed Monday, but she sent a photo of her version of the Needlecraft doily we discussed later in class.

Pearl bun holder center to mail

center of Tatted Centerpiece by Mrs. J. C. Spencer

She used Gutermann 40 weight cotton sewing thread wound with Sulky Metallic adding fresh water pearls. She’s still deciding what to do for row 4 as the piece needs just one more row and there’s so many options!

See you in class!