The winner of the summer Homework drawing is…..

Mary Jane Brittingham

Congratulations!!! Your prize will be on the way shortly!

Mary Lou has been tatting some nice patterns:

Pictured are A Dusting of Snow designed by Harolah, Sand Dollar Pandant adapted by Kendra Goodnow, and earrings based on Dove by Joann Stearns

She used her needle to tat those in sliver metallic thread. I can’t wait to see what she tats with this shuttle kit:

Tatting kit for shuttle class

Jenella is all set for tatting with this kit:

Needle tatting kit

She writes, “The picot gauges are a popsicle stick and part of a coffee stir stick. I sanded off the rough edges with an emery board. I use the rosewood needles to tat with yarn.”

Tasneem adapted the lovely Tulip pattern from last spring’s class for this bookmark:

Tulips for Easter 2021 designed by Kathleen Minniti

Classes are off to a great start. Join us next week as we dive into techniques for making lace using needle or shuttle!

See you in class!

Classes Begin today!! 9-13-2021

It’s time!!!!!

You’ve been waiting for this for …… weeks!

Classes begin this week:

Mondays @7pm EST – Beginner Shuttle

Tuesdays @4pm EST – Intermediate Shuttle

Wednesdays @4pm EST – Advanced Shuttle

Thursdays @4pm EST – Needle (beginner)

Please tell your friends and neighbors (and everyone else)! We are hopeful that these times will provide a more progressive learning system for all students, while also meeting teachers’ availability and convenience. For more information, please check out the sidebar and About page of this blog.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 9-10-2021

MJ sent in several photos of her work with shuttle and thread:

Next week starts a new round of classes! The teachers are eager to see what you tat from the techniques discussed. That’s where this blog comes in!

Send photos or scans to the submission address

Your name as you want it to appear

your email along with country (no abbreviations please, written out)

class date

pattern name and designer.

please use png or jpg format.

Feel free to add your name and show your shuttle or needle in the photo.  

See you in class!

Homework submitted 8-23-2021

Summertime is almost over her in the US. It’s the time when most Guilds gather for tatting weekends and workshops. Class will resume in just a short few weeks. It’s the perfect time to catch up and revisit a favorite pattern, hone a technique, or finish that pattern you ran out of thread halfway through.

Here is what MJ finished:

Dusting of Snow designed by Harolah
Simple heart designed by Vicki Clarke

I’ve already picked out what I wish to tat for Christmas gifts this year. Just need to empty 2 more shuttles to get started. Don’t mistake my intention, I’ll be tatting along with the classes. This blog is for present, past, and future students. If you have tat a pattern discussed in a class, please snap a picture and send it to the submission email listed in the sidebar. Even if you have made a mistake, well especially so as then we can post ideas on how to create lace even though……, please send in photos. You are what keep tatting alive!

See you in class!

Homework submitted 8-20-2021

The needle tatters gathered this week to create a flurry of snow…..


Dusting of Snow designed by Harolah

This sample is tatted by JoAnne B.

Our class schedule will resume in a few weeks. If you are a needle tatter and wish to help with the more Intermediate and Advanced patterns, please let our wonderful volunteer teachers know!

See you in class!

Homework submitted 8-16-2021

Mj is getting ready for Fall with this lovely design by Martha Ess:

Pumpkin Teapot designed by Martha Ess

I hope you have your shuttle loaded or your needle(s) threaded for our class tomorrow. This snowflake has rings thrown toward each other! You can work the pattern with just one needle, if you don’t mind rethreading the needle with each center ring.

Come join in the fun!

See you in class!

Class Material 8-11-2021

We’re revisiting a wonderful pattern by Harolah:

Dusting of Snow pattern by Harolah

For the class it is recommended that you have thread, tool of your choice (2 needles or 2 shuttles), scissors, and whatever you use to hide ends (magic loop, needle).

This sample is worked in size 10 thread using 2 #5 needles.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 8-9-2021

Look what hopped in?

Bunnies for Easter 2021 designed by Kathleen Minniti tatted by Tasneem P.

We welcome new tatting partner Tasneem P. with this cheerful guy. For more tatting fun, check out the patterns in the latest newsletter.

Classes will resume next month. See you in class!

Class Material 8-6-2021

We have a few patterns for you to enjoy tatting! They are in the email newsletter for August. Here are teaser pictures:

Pumpkin Teapot designed by Martha Ess
Snowflake from Anna Valeire Book #3

We look forward to seeing photos of what our wonderful classmates tat!

See you in class!!

Homework submitted 8-2-2021

As many of us look to starting school schedules, we share another pretty Belle tatted by MJ:

Itty Bitty Belle designed by Kaye Judt

I love her dress and wonderful corsage!

We ask for your support of Tamie as she transitions to another phase of her life. Please know that your steadfast friendship will sustain her. Classes will be planned soon and another round of tatting fun will start in a few weeks.

See you in class!