Homework submitted 4-12-2021

To brighten the day:

Egg from Priscilla Tatting Book 1

This lovely set was tatted by Irene W. She writes, “I enjoyed the class. Thank you! I learned split chains, hadn’t heard of them before! Looking forward to more classes!”

Wonderful work! See you in class!

Homework submitted 4-7-2021

More eggs are rolling in! This one is from MJ:

Egg from Priscilla Tatting Book One

She worked out that you don’t have to make the 3 rings separate. (I see she has made two split rings) She suggests, “You can make the first one (of the outer round) join to the Split ring at the top. Very easy!”

In progress

A clever way to create an egg!

See you in class!

Homework submissions

The virtual class was a success! We celebrated International Tatting Day with Style!!

First up is a version by Bernice B. She writes that the pattern was so much fun!

From Priscilla Tatting Book 1

Winkerbill sent in this version:

motif from Priscilla Tatting Book 1

She writes that it, “…was tatted in 1 pass – center ring, climb out with a mock picot, then split ring into the next round.  Climb out of the ‘wheel’ with a split chain, then a split ring for the ‘trefoil’ at the (inside) top of the egg.  Tat 1 ring as a regular ring, then climb out with a split ring into the next round.  First ring of the new round is a split ring, also.  After that, it’s just straight rings and chains.

This was done in Perfect Quilter thread, I think the color name is Cotton Candy.  The thread was discontinued several years ago.  It’s approximately equivalent in size to DMC 80.”

Pam H. uses her needle to tat up these beauties:

from Priscilla Tatting Book 1

Pam also is passing on this lovely decoration created by Dorcas Newkirk:

I see several eggs with tatting!

Finally, Anita B. has been working her way through the design class exercise set by Kaye Judt:

I can’t wait to see what the finished pattern will look like all tatted and ready to decorate with!

See you in class!

Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow, April 1, 2021 will be the best day ever. We start the new virtual learning rooms up for our Special Class to honor and represent International Tat Days 2021. It is the one day of the year all tatters around the world tat in public and with the pandemic it is hard in some areas to do that. So tomorrow we will be tatting live in the classroom.

To attend, please email theonlinetattingclass@gmail.com to register. You will receive an email with all the links and information.

This is the pattern we are doing tomorrow. Enjoy!

Come join us!

Celebrate International Tatting Day

Come join us April 1, 2021 in our very first virtual
classes held in the new learning rooms.

We will be visiting an old pattern and bringing it into today’s time just in time for the Easter Bunny to arrive. This one is from Priscilla Tatting Book One. It was made to attach to a collar but we have found a new use for it that is so cute. The idea came from Melissa Blodgett. What a fantastic idea. It can be used in a variety of ways.

Fig 34 Collar detail

This sample is just one of many. So be there and join in the fun of turning something old into something new again.

You will need to register for the classes to be notified for special events like this one so head on over to theonlinetattingclass@gmail.com and register for the classes. Pam will contact you if she needs any more information from you. Make sure to include your name, the country you live, in the tatting tool you use, and your email. She will get you set up and give you the information you will need to attend.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 3-19-2021

Bev S. has conquered Split Rings!

Well done!

See you in the new classroom: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi-k0app_L2cdR_VeAByjZQ

Mark your calendars!

Our first virtual meeting in the new Utube classroom will be

International Tatting Day

April 1, 2021

For more information, please keep your browser pointed here. For email notifications, please request a link from theonlinetattingclass@gmail.com

See you in class!

Homework submitted

We are celebrating 22 years of Chatzy tatting fun today. Come join us!
Carol is sampling needle tatting techniques. She sent us this picture:

Well Done!

See you in class to celebrate!

Homework submitted 3-12-2021

Angie K has been trying out the concepts of rings and chains in tatting designs. Here is her sample set:

We’ll be looking for her design thoughts to tat ourselves soon.

See you in class!

Homework submitted

Our design class talked about texture and value in tatting. Here are Angie K’s examples:

Angie  K example of texture and value in tatting.
Angie  K example of texture and value in tatting.
Angie  K example of texture and value in tatting.

Angie writes that she had tension issues and was challenge in trying to figure out HOW to tat her ideas.

I think she was successful!

Stay tune next week for more information on the new class format.