Class Announcement 6-17-2019

Our classes are on break for the summer (Northern Hemisphere) until mid September. The room will be available for chat and Special Events. If you have questions or suggestions, please send us an email.

See you in class!


Homework submitted 6-10-2019

Lelia tatted a sample of the edging from Workbasket we looked at last Monday:

Cloverleaf Scalloped Edging from Workbasket Feb. 1959

She worked an 8″ length in Size 20 Lizbeth and tied it around a yogurt jar.

Aurora has a dress trimmed with Guipur lace. She was inspired to create these leaves:

Guipur lace Leaves by Aurora

Wonderful tatting!

Today is the final Monday class before a summer break. Please watch for special events. As soon as these are planned, there will posts and email blasts.

Thank you to the tatters who sent in pictures for posting. We enjoyed pieces from over 20 tatters from all over the world! Tatting rules!!!

Class Material 6-10-2019

This is our last Monday class before Summer Break.

Sue Hanson discovered this pattern which Mary Maynard had shared with her in 2006.

Sue’s Spring by Mary Maynard

She is sharing it with us this week after reading the June 06/7, 2019 Tatting @ newsletter.

Sue’s Spring by Mary Maynard.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 6-7-2019

We welcome Shruti Rathod to our corner of Tatland. She tatted up the pattern from Workbasket we discussed Monday:

Cloverleaf Edging from Workbasket Feb. 1959

She used Anchor thread #40 in orange and maroon on the shuttles.

Next Monday is our final class before summer break. Watch for our summer special events announcement. If you have a special technique you would like to discuss, please email and we’ll pull together a class.

See you in class!

Tatting submitted 6-5-2019

We gathered Monday for a peek at some vintage patterns. Here’s an edging Aurora was inspired to create:

Dancing Girl Edging by Aurora

The bottom sample uses a slightly different stitch count to create a nice curve!

Class will meet next week June 10, 2019 for our last class until September. Mark you calendars!
See you in class!

Tatting submitted 5-29-2019

It’s always fun to add tatting to hand made items. Here’s a lovely baby set that Grainne crochet with a sweet tatted flower added:

Baby cardigan and bonnet by Grainne

See you in class!

Homework submitted 5-22-2019

Melanie found an old picture of the corner pattern we discussed Monday:

Triangle bookmark from Ann Orr book

The possibilities of this pattern is endless!
See you in class!

Class Material 5-20-2019

We welcome back Georgia to the teaching chair. She will be sharing a doily she found out West



Join in as we discuss methods of joining!
See you in class!

Homework submitted 5-13-2019

Usha was inspired to tat these using Nina’s pattern:

Three Long Picots earring by Nina Libin

So pretty!

Class will resume normal schedule for a few short weeks, then into our summer fun! See you in class!

Class Material 5-6-2019

Let’s dip our toe into Designing! Susan Fuller will be leading our discussion. She will bring her experience and vast resource links for our consideration. Perhaps there will even be a Seahorse in the class!

See you in class!