Tatting submitted 2-15-2019

Mary has been creative with Ice Drops and her thread and needle:

Mary red Ice Drop

Valentine’s Ice Drop by Mary Nieto

She worked with size 10 thread around a glass gem measuring 1.5″. She hardened the thread with clear glue and water mixed with glitter (you can see it best on the bezel).

Here’s another photo on light background:

Mary Ice drop red

Valentine’s Ice Drop by Mary Nieto

See you in class!


Class Material 2-11-2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! (early)muskaananitabuddyhearts

Could there be any happier holiday than one which celebrates love? Presenting this week friendship hearts from Anita Barry and Muskaan.
Buddy Hearts by Anita Barry and Muskaan


The heart designs complied on one page: Condensed directions for Buddy Hearts


See you in class!

Tatting submitted 2-8-2019

Mary found a vancy Ice Drop to tat around:

Mary Purple Ice Drop

Basic Ice Drop by Diane Cadematori

*This post was to go live Friday, but for some reason did not. I apologize for the delay. Nice work Mary!*
See you in class!

Tatting submitted 2-6-2019

For me, it’s exciting to see what new tatters are creating. Here’s a sample of Mary N.’s work along with a lovely small doily from Amritha:

Amritha Jennifer motif

Marion by Jennifer Williams


Basic Ice Drop

Basic Ice Drop tatted by Mary N.

black and white bookmark

basic bookmark by Mary N.

multi bookmark

basic bookmark by Mary N.

yellow Bookmark

basic bookmark by Mary N.

Our Tuesday Design class will be starting up soon. Please email using the address on the About page for details.

See you in class!

Special event links 2-4-2019

For those who did not get to ignore the Superbowl and Tat, here’s the scoop:

Wally’s birthday motif: https://www.georgiaseitz.com/2019/patterns/wallysuperbowlbdayflake2019.pdf

I’m sure we’ll have examples of how this beauty looks tatted by others.

See you in class!

Tatting submitted 2-1-2019

It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day! That means hearts come up in class. Martha Ess’s celtic pattern was mentioned. Melanie took the challenge:

Mel 2 Hearts

Two Hearts as One by Martha Ess

These are the two motifs tatted seperately. She’ll be sharing an in-progress photo next week.

See you in class!


Yes, it is and here is a new pattern by Dagmar Pezzuto for us to study.

Spring Bracelet by Dagmar Pezzuto

Please review:
Christiane Eichler’s Square Ring Tutorial

Riet’s study of Daisy Picot

Jane Eborall’s Dandelion Picot

See you in class!

Homework submitted 1-23-2019

We welcome Toni to our corner of Tatland:

toni red heart

Needle Tatted Valentines Heart by Maria Papia

toni white heart

Needle Tatted Valentines Heart by Maria Papia

tony pink heart

Basic Split Ring Heart by Georgia Seitz

toni red heart pendant

These were needle tatted in size 3 and size 10 thread.

See you in class!

Class Material 1-20-2019

Annie Helling – Tatted Edging
Needlecraft Magazine unknown year Oct. pg.10 Annie Helling tatted edge #2 upside down for ease of following the pattern

The Online Tatting Class recently had a discussion of the construction of the bracelet pattern shared by Dagmar Pezzuto last week. It was mentioned then that there was a time in the history of tatting that some tatters knew only how to make a ring. That was the stimulus for so many vintage patterns using just rings, hen and chicks, straight rings joined across the back (like a faux split ring chain.)

At the same time, there were also tatters who knew only how to tat chains. These called for some creativity in making designs. For instance, a chain may be folded back on itself to make a ring or a cloverleaf.

Design by Annie Helling uses both techniques without a real plan.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 1-16-2019

We welcome Jeanne to our class Homework blog with this pretty heart:

hearts desire jeanne

Heart’s Desire by Susan Fuller

She tatted this with needle and size 10 Lydia’s. Then she stiffened this and snapped the picture right away! Thank you!! and well done!

Class continues on Monday and Thursday with Tuesday classes starting up soon. We also look forward to our annual Ignore the Superbowl and Tat event.

See you in class!