Homework submitted 8-29-2016

As some of us bake in summer weather, tatters can cool off with a snowflake! Georgia drew our attention in a forum post last year to a book from 1915: Tatting To-Day by Louis Hauck. Muskaan dug right in a came up with these beauties:

Snowflake Hauck 1 Musk

Six-pointed Motif by Louise Hauck

Please enjoy her post for a modern notation version of the pattern and her tips. I think I’d like to tat this with some beads for a sparkle effect!

Classes resume in a few weeks!
See you there!

Homework submitted 8-17-2016

Robina’s pattern is inspiring more tatters to fill the world with flowers. Bernice sent us this pretty example:

Elizabeth by Robina Melville

Elizabeth by Robina Melville

Muskaan worked the pattern using two colors:

Elizabeth by Robina Melville

Elizabeth by Robina Melville

We welcome a new contributor to the class: Shirley McKee. She used Lizbeth thread for this creation off of her shuttles:

Shirley Eliz

Elizabeth by Robina Melville

Thursday, August 18, 2016 is another summer event during the Beginner class time. Please join us as we look at a pattern celebrating fall.

See you in class!

Homework submitted 8/15/2016

Our summer event is already a success! Mary Neff sent in this version in a lovely tan:

Woven Center Flower by Robina Melville

Elizabeth by Robina Melville

Classes will resume in a few weeks. Time to finish all those UFO’s!
See you in class!

Special Event 8-15-2016

Take a break from August and join us for a special event. Same tat chat room. Same time as classes during the school year. We’ll be looking at Woven Center flower from Robina Melville shared originally with Ring of Tatters.


More details will be released with the reminder email. So, keep an eye on the index page of the class website.

Also, Tamie has updated the video offerings she has posted on Youtube. She has uploaded a series using shuttle, needle, and a series of more advanced techniques. Please visit the channels and her tat-along videos for her excellent work! Thank you Tamie!

Homework Submitted 7-27-2016

Muskaan has been busy with a beloved pattern:

Vinnie Spring Doilies a

Spring Doily by Vinita Sharma

Wonderful springlike colors!

Applications are still being accepted for the scholarship for Tat Days attendees. Please see post on Bellaonline or on our fundraiser/events pages.

See you in class! (August 15)

Dreaming of snow yet?

For those in parts of the world that are just plain hot right now, this snowflake will help keep thoughts cooler:


This is an updated version of a pattern published in 1915. There are few tatted examples and none that I have access to. If you tat up this beauty, please send a photo to the admission address. I’ll add it to this post.

REMINDER: Special event class on August 15, 2016.

See you in class!

Tatting ideas shared 7-13-2016

Here’s an idea for simple earrings from Amrutha:

Celtic Earrings by Amrutha

Celtic Earrings by Amrutha

Earrings by Amrutha

Earrings by Amrutha

She was inspired to tat these in silk after considering what to add to the Tat Days fundraiser collection. Thank you for the inspiration!
See you in class!!

Tatting Ideas shared

Look what popped into my box!

detail from Doily by Jan Stawasz

detail from Doily by Jan Stawasz

Amrutha adapted this lovely pattern for a piece of jewelry a bride could use. Here’s another sample modeled:

detail from Doily by Jan Statwasz

detail from Doily by Jan Statwasz

The original pattern is in Tatted Treasure.

That looks so elegant and just what a bride could use!

Thank you!!

See you in class…..

upcoming special event announcement

Monday, July 11, 2016

Elke Grotegut will be presenting her method for tatting the flowers basket from Emmy Liebert’s Book 1.


fig. 104 from Orkis-Arbejder Hefte 1 by Emmy Leibert as translated and diagrammed by Elke Grotegut

This basket was actually designed and tatted by Lotte Winter-Leipzig, however, there was no pattern included. Come and join us as we work our way through this one.

See you in class!

Homework Submitted 7-4-2016

Tatterbee has celebrated Canada Day with a lovely leaf. Those colors are so wonderful!

Maple Leaf Motif by Tammy Rodgers

Maple Leaf Motif by Tammy Rodgers

This pattern was originally inspired by a piece in Workbasket. Reworking old to new has kept tatting alive!

See you in class!