Homework submitted 10-30-2020

Welcome to new student Victoria E.! She has completed the heart from the beginner class series:

Rosemarie’s Heart by Rosemarie Peel

We also celebrate Margaret’s contribution to a Community art project near her:

Tatting History Project

Joan Thomas has completed a wonderful project:

Tatting Via Workbasket

Please have a look through and enjoy tatting through the ages as published in a magazine.

Thank you for your hard work. This will be a wonderful reference index for all.

Tatting with the Angels

We share the sad news that AJ Sutton has passed away. Please consider tatting one of her patterns she shared with the Online Tatting Class:




May her thread never tangle as she tats with the Angels.

Homework submitted 4-27-2020

Aurora solved the puzzle! Inspired by Ninetta’s wonderful work, Aurora decoded this treasured vintage pattern:



For a step-by-step explanation with diagrams, visit her blog: https://tathelper.blogspot.com

Class today is cancelled, please join us for open chat!


Tatting submitted 3-30-2020

Tatterbee sent in a photo of a gift she made:

BD Motif 2019 by Wally Sosa

She said that she couldn’t find the right size glass drop, so she used this cameo/flower instead. She reports that her sister LOVES IT!

Stay safe, healthy and sane!
Happy tatting!

Homework submitted 2-219-2020

We welcome Lorna to our posting tatters today.

Dove by JoAnn Stearns

She was intrigued by tatting 40 years ago. This little beauty flew off her shuttles recently. I can’t wait to see what other lace she creates!

See you in class!

Class Material 1-19-2020

Do-si-Do Doily by Harolah

Do-si-Do Doily by Harolah

Come Join us as we talk through this fabulous pattern developed in our Design class.

For more information please see the About page.

See you in Class!

First tatting collage 11-11-2019

We honor all the men and women in the United States that have served or are serving in uniform.

Thank you.

From Melanie:

Bookmark from Threads magazine in the 70’s.

From Georgia:


Doily tatted by Georgia

From Robin:

Robin bookmark

Bookmark tatted by Robin

From Harolah:

From Bernice:

Bernice first edging

edging from Learn How book tatted by Bernice

From Amritha:

from 25 motif challenge

Thank you to all who shared pictures of their first tatting.

See you in class!

Tatting submitted 11-8-2019

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s getting chilly. Amritha tatted this up to celebrate:

Snowflake by Amritha Prabhu

See you in class!

Class Material 11-4-2019

Long gone are the days when we carried lovely embroidered handkerchiefs with dainty tatted lace edgings for every day use. But special occasions call for special hankies. For the bride, the mother of the bride and the mother-in-law, too.

3 hanky designs by G. Seitz '90's

These three edgings are based on patterns published in vintage Workbasket Magazines. We will be studying them in class today.

See you in class!