Cherry Blossoms Heart Pattern

Grace O. B. Tan, a member of the Tatting Designer Class, has created this new heart pattern, Cherry Blossoms Hearts, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Cherry Blossom Heart by Grace Tan

Cherry Blossom Heart by Grace Tan

After designing the pattern, she became concerned that it turned out amazingly similar to a design by Patti Duff in “Minitats”.  She has contacted Patti, and Patti has agreed that the variation’s design is different enough to stand on its own as a new pattern.

Grace says “I worked on this design in December 2012 after creating my Cherry Blossom Snowflake.  At that point I had already made a n all chain five-petaled version of this flower .  It wasn’t very stable so I went back to the ring and chain structure, and modeled the shape on the iconic Japanese sakura or cherry blossom, as well as the idea of hearts.  After I posted a picture of this in InTatters, I learned that a very similar flower with six dimpled petals has been published in the book Minitats by Patti Duff.

Do feel free to tat this to give away or sell, or to pass on this pattern.  But please do acknowledge me — and Patti Duff — as the designers.”

To access the pattern, please visit her blog:



One response to “Cherry Blossoms Heart Pattern

  1. It is very charming. I look forward to tatting it ; )

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