Homework submitted 5-9-2018

The exploration of the Dora Young Knot Stitch continues!

Karen worked up this sample:

Dora Young Knot Stitch sample tatted by Karen Cabrera

She will be adding a video to her blog and YouTube channel soon.

Kathleen continues her work on a doily using the stitch:

Dora Young Knot Stitch doily tatted by Kathleen Minniti

She adds, “Did you know that they (lock stitches) like to twist in relationship to each other if you give them the room to do so?  Yep, they do!  Better to Leave a picot-sized gap between the stitches for future joins.

Another learning:  the work looks like ugly, twisted thick thread unless you aggressively unwind your paired threads between knot stitch sets.  That is the main problem with the appearance of my work here – they cabled, rather than creating that open, almost fluffy puff between knot sets.  My bad, and I’ll be more aware and correct that next time.”

Thank you both for sharing your discoveries with the class!


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